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The Last Violin
Articles & Reviews
Interview with Philip Adams: 
‘This enchanting film... it's a love story. It's a love story about music, a love story about the violin, it's a love story about you and this extraordinary instrument maker. But it's also a love story about Harry and Maria..."

ABC Radio National - Late Night Live 28/11/22

"Two old friends, one final mission – it's the stuff of movie legend".

ABC Classic FM 11/01/2023

"The workshop is fascinating ... It’s a friendly clutter and when the sounds of the workshop glance in and out of the music, the film is at its strongest. 

The candid or even mundane snippets in the film succeed because they provide a glimpse into the vulnerabilities of real people... And that’s where the story is on the verge of being profound – through the eyes of a unique and humble instrument maker, his years’ long companion, and their friend – it becomes our story too."
Loudmouth - Music Trust E-Zine 27/11/22

"There is tranquil beauty in the distinctive quality of the analogue age, one which Thackrah manages to preserve throughout the film... and the culminating performance with musicians playing on Harry's instruments in the closing scenes is one filled with great emotional tenderness."
Limelight Magazine 4/11/22
Harry's Last Violin:
"It’s not an issues based documentary,” adds Thackrah. “We’re not going to save the world with it. But it’s a story about an aging couple and how they love each other. It’s about life, really.”"
Limelight Magazine 21/3/2022
The Australian Cypriot Who Became One of the World's Greatest Violin Makers:
"Mr Vatiliotis shares the process of making his last ever violin for his dear friend Mr Crivici and in doing so, the documentary reveals a story encompassing the love, friendship and care that each of the three protagonists shares."
Cypriots Worldwide 20/2/22
The Last Violin: New Documentary Set to Capture the Genius of Harry Vatiliotis:

"I’ve made a few documentaries but I thought, ‘oh that story doesn’t sound very interesting. I don’t think we could make a good documentary about that…'” Ms Thackrah tells The Greek Herald with a laugh. “So I reluctantly went along and it was when I heard the way the three of them related and saw the relationship between Harry and Maria that I realised ‘no this is actually a touching story that a lot of people would be able to relate to’.”

The Greek Herald 21/01/22

The Beautiful Story of How Your Violin is Made:

"In Harry’s own words, “you’ve got to have an inner vision or image of the sound you want to produce, and that’s what guides everything that you do from then on. If you have that, then everything just flows”.

Cut Common Magazine 29/2/2022

Harry the Stoic and His Last Violin:

"The self professed “stoic” is humble about his life’s work, and although Mr Vatiliotis doesn’t hold anything too close to his heart other than his beloved Maria, there have been a couple of moments in his career that have truly moved him.”.

Neos Kosmos 2/2/22

Personal Reviews:

"I'm not ashamed to say, I cried my eyes out. Amazing..."

Damian D'Arienzo (Thompson), dancer 30/11/22


"The personal connection and emotion just roar off the screen."

John Lowry, quantity surveyor & dancer 1/12/22

"... charming, insightful, informative, compelling, hilarious, sensitive and very touching. It is also masterfully rendered  - beautifully shot and edited, with a great soundtrack recording and mix. Romano - your pieces were exquisite. It really made our week!

Nigel Westlake, composer 1/12/22

"I am left feeling deeply moved on many levels: moved because of the power of friendship, love, and care for the ancient traditions of true artisanship; moved witnessing the exactitude, patience and longevity of the work involved in making a violin of such calibre that sings so purely; moved also listening to Romano’s hauntingly beautiful compositions. This ‘memoir’ is a testament to Harry’s life of violin making, told for future generations, and a testament to the enduring power of love through the inevitable frailties of our later years.

The Last Violin not only does that, it makes my heart sing"

Jude Pickering, psychotherapist & musicologist 1/12/22

"I weep tears of joy. My heart soars. What a man! What a life! Heartfelt thanks for telling this story. And in such a way!"

John Davis, ex-CEO Australian Music Centre 5/12/22

"It was hard not to cry ... the film - cinematography, music and especially the voice overs are truly wonderful. Such a beautiful tribute to an amazing man/couple."

Dorit Hershovitz, musician 6/12/22

"It’s such a lovingly made piece and it’s palpable how that manifests, not only in the violin’s emergence but of course between Harry and Maria"

Peter Morrison, musician 30/11/22

"Seeing Harry and Maria's love for each other, that ever familiar immigrant story, his lifetime commitment to what is one of the greatest labours of love and culminating in a performance on instruments made by him for Maria and the world - is the greatest love story I could ever imagine. One hour later and I am still tearing up just thinking about it."

Amanda Tss, musician 28/01/23

"... so much love and beauty in the story..."

Lesley Penrose 13/01/23

"Absolutely amazing film"

Katina Balsom 13/01/23

"Such a wonderful, beautifully crafted film"

Dr Lee Tennent 13/01/23

The Last Violin film still
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