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SBS will be screening The Last Violin from July 2024.

It will be up on SBS On Demand
for three years after that.


The Last Violin has had its first international screening at the Cyprus International Film Festival! Harry and Maria's life story has been shared, the last violin itself sang magnificently in the hands of our onboard virtuoso Allie Osborne, and we won the "Best Documentary" category at the festival - who could ask for anything more?

The Odyssey continued as we went on to the Bridges International Film Festival in Corinthos, Greece where we performed again,  and discovered at weeks end, that we again won Best Doco, the Nostimon Imar Award,  which means the Day of Homecoming in ancient Greek. How perfect for the return of Harry's story and his last violin to his homeland.

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The streaming release of the film will be delayed until SBS screen the documentary in July 2024.


In the meantime, the music soundtrack is available to stream and buy and the music videos of the soundtrack are also available to stream and buy


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