The Last Violin
in production now

Supported by
Documentary Australia Foundation

Carla Thackrah - producer, director,
cinematographer, editor

Romano Crivici - producer, composer, performer

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When Romano persuades retired master violinmaker, Harry Vatiliotis, to make a last violin a heart-warming story unfolds



Charalambos Vatiliotis, or Harry, is considered Australia's greatest living violin maker. He and his wife Maria came from Cyprus in the 1950s.

Romano Crivici, a professional violinist and composer, has known Harry for 48 years.

Together they share the making of Romano's last violin which also threatens to be Harry's last, as the ravages of old age take their toll on each of them.


Shot in the one location - the home in the suburbs of Sydney which Harry and Maria have shared for over 60 years - the director has spent many days over many months charting the making of Harry and Romano's last violin within the context of the love, friendship and care that each of the three protagonists share.


The director has been hands-off and observational, capturing the meditative process of hand making a fine violin from rough pieces of wood together with the often comical and irreverent relational interactions between Harry, Maria, and Romano their friend of many years.

An important element is the exquisite score by Romano Crivici played on Harry's instruments.

Estimated end of production:

The film has largely been shot with only a final scene and post-production to be done.


Estimated time of completion June 2022